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Welcome to Industry Foam Board Supply.
Rockwool with Black Mat Tissue Print






We are supplying Rockwool which is made from rock, limestone and basalt type of rock. The production of rockwool require the rock to be melted @ 1300ºC and the molten lava is faberized by using of water coolant system. Then the fiber are then coated with a thermosetting binder which, when heat cured, bonds the fibers into a mat.


Rockwool are available in various density, thickness and temperature ratings. It is widely used in industries – for temperature control, energy conservation and personnel protection for plant and equipments like boilers, heat exchangers, reactors, ovens, kilns and autoclaves.


For Building applications, rockwool are used in lining metal deck roofs, infils of cavity walls and insulation of air-conditioning application.


Our service would include cutting the Rockwool material into specified sizes as per required by customer.



One of the best interior design in malaysia


Polystyrene Foam Board Print




Standard Size:

(T)mm X 4’(W) X 6’(L)

(T)mm X 4’(W) X 8’(L)


Polystyrene Foamboard (PS Foamboard) is lightweight mounting board suitable for various applications. PS Foamboard is widely been used for indoor advertising backdrop, where the PS Foamboard serves as an supporting backdrop for printed advertisements.


We are supplying different type of PS Foamboard:

- Plain PS Foamboard

Lightweight, low cost, and easy to cut material


- PS Foamboard with HIPS

High Impact Polystyrene Films laminated 2 sides of PS Foamboard provides better strength, hence HIPS Board are basically provide better support as backdrop


- PS FoamCore

PS FoamCore are laminated 2 sides papers on PS Foamboard. The strength of paper provides the strong support on PS Foamboard, hence PS FoamCore is the strongest backdrop support. PS FoamCore is commonly used for Picture / Photo backdrop, Mounting Board.


Direct Printing can be done on the 3 types of PS Foamboard mentioned above with Flatbed printing machines


Stretch Films (LLDPE) Print


Stretch Films (LLDPE)


Standard size:

500mm (Length) X 2.0kg (Net weight)

500mm (Length) X 1.7kg (Net weight)

100mm (Length) X 1.7kg


We are supplying Stretch Films or Stretch Wrap, which is applied for wrapping the products in pallets for proper delivery purpose.


Our high quality Stretch Films are residue free and stick itself without adhesive. Beside, our stretch films are manufactured by original resin, which provide better elongation for better wrapping purpose, in providing strength in holding the products on Pallets.





Physical Properties



Testing Method


u (Micron)

20 – 23


Specific Gravity



ASTM D1505

Tensile Strength (Break)








Tear Strength



ASTM D1922




ASTM D1003




ASTM D2457



**Packing Method: 6 Rolls / Carton – For our standard size of 500mm (Length)


Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) Print



Standard Size:

(T)mm X 84” X 75” (T)mm X 42” X 75” (T)mm X 1m X 2m

Custom size available to suit customer requirements


We are supplying Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) in Roll, in Sheet, and cut size required by customers for different types of application. Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) is suitable for all types of cushioning application, including packaging, vibration insulations, sound acoustic, vibration absorptions


We are supplying various density, hardness, elongations. Various colour are available to meet customer requirements.


Adhesive Direct Coating Service can be applied on the surface of PU Foam for gluing purpose on other material or surface.




Ranging from 15kg/m3 – 70kg/m3


Ranging from 100N – 500N


Ranging from 70% - 180%


Ranging from 1.5mm – 500mm


Grey, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple and etc.

Fire Retardant Grade:


OPP Tape & Sealant Tape & PE Sealant Print




NBR Sealant Tape



PE Sealant Tape


PP Hollow Board, PP Hollow Tray Print

Standard Size:

(T) X 1220mm X 2440mm


We are supplying PP Hollow Board in sheet, cut size and customized PP Hollow Tray. Various grades are available including General, Corona treated, UV Protected, Flame Retardant, Anti-Static and conductive grade


PP Hollow Board is suitable applied in various application especially in advertisement backdrop as the main application. Printed materials are laminated on PP Hollow board to served as a support for advertisement stands and display purposes.


As compared to PS Foamboard, PP Hollow board can be applied as outdoor advertisement board because of UV Protected



PP Hollow Tray



We are supplying Conductive, Anti-Static, and general PP Tray.


Standard Size: Customized According to Drawings



Polyethylene Foam Print

Standard Size:

(T) X 1m X Length

(T) X 1200mm X Length

(T) X 1m X 2m


Water Based Lamination Print

Standard Size:


(T) X 60” X Length (In Roll)


Acrylics & HIPS Print

Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 4’ (W) X 8’ (L)

Thickness (T) X 4’ (W) X 6’ (L)


Thickness: 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm


We are supplying clear acrylic sheet for various applications including advertising, automotive car plate, display panels, kiosk, photo frames, retail sign, signage and supermarket racks.


Fireseal Material Print

Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 1m X 2m

Standard Thickness: 25mm, 50mm


We are supplying Fireseal which is Polyurethane based material which is open cell foam. Open cell foam provides access for sound to penetrate the surface enable sound absorption to take place. Fireseal material are Class 0 fire retardant grade.


Fireseal are suitable in various applications including Air-Conditioning equipment, Air-Conditioning ducting system, Acoustic Wall Panel, Acoustic Enclosure, Automotive & Marine applications, Prison mattress, and MOD vehicles.


Fireseal can Applied with our Adhesive Direct Coating Service, where the glue are directly coating on the surface of Fireseal for convenience in laminating with surface required, especially for acoustic paneling in Construction Industry.


Filtration Foam Print

Filtration Foam Structure


Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 1250mm X 2030mm


Minimum Thickness (3mm)

Maximum Thickness (500mm)


Polyester /Polyether based Filtration foam available in our material supply list. This material is suitable applied for water, air and oil filtration. Filtration foam is open cell as compared to normal closed cell PU Foam (Photo below)




The Open cell structure allows air, water or oil pass through the foam easily. Hence filtration foam has high airflow rating.





20kg/m3 – 50 kg/m3


100N – 200N


Ranging from 1mm – 500mm


Ranging from 100 I/min – 450 I/min


Water, Air, Oil Filteration


Supply Polyester Felt Material Print

Polyester Felt Material

Thickness (T) X 2m (Width) X Length (L) in Roll


Polyester Felt is synthetic needle punch felt made from polyester fiber. We are supplying polyester felt in White, Grey, Black colours as standard colour.

This material is commonly used in filtration, gaskets, wipers and padding for a wide range of industries. Polyester Felt also provide some sound acoustic function. The density measurement is g/m2.


We are able to supply the polyester felt material in various size according to customized requirement.


Ethylene Vinyl Acete (EVA Foam) Print



Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 1m X 2m


We are supplying EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acete) Foam, or commonly known as expanded rubber or rubber foam. Our EVA foam is commonly used as cushioning of heavy weight products, which the products are heavy and required high spongy support to protect the products.


We are supplying EVA foam laminated with Double Sided Tape to served as Foam Tape for different applications.




Expanded PE Foam Print




Standard Size:

Thickness (T) X 1000mm(Width) X Length (In Roll)

Minimum Thickness: 0.5mm

Maximum Thickness: up to 100mm


Laminated EPE Foam / Single layer EPE Foam is mainly applied in packaging application as the material is cheapest among all the foam material used in packaging industries.


EPE Foam provides a good cushion support especially when it comes to heavy product packaging. The ease of lamination provides the flexibility to shape the material according to product design.


Besides, EPE Foam is suitable in construction application as well. The air trapped between the material served as the insulation for construction field. It is widely been used as low cost insulation material laminated with aluminium Foil






Ranging from 1mm – 50mm (homogeneus and non-homogeneus


White, Pink


Available with Antistatic properties

Egg Crate / Convolution Cutting / Profile Cutting Print


egg crate-convolution cutting-profile cuttingegg crate-convolution cutting-profile cutting

egg crate-convolution cutting-profile cuttingegg crate-convolution cutting-profile cutting

Standard Size:

7:25mm(Ratio) X 1m X 2m


*Ratio: (Bottom: Peak)


Egg Crate PU Foam as per photo above mainly applied in Acoustic applications. The convolution shape of the material will reflect the sound energy to different direct, and the softness of PU Foam will absorb sound energy. Hence, the sound echo can be reduced.


Egg Crate PU Foam varies in Peak height from the bottom(Ratio). This will depends on the design of acoustic room. The Ratio shall refer to the acoustic requirement. Types of PU Foam differ from the density of the foam – The density of foam will affect the quantity of sound energy absorbed.


This type of material applied in packaging industries as well. The appearance of egg crate creates the better cushioning as compared to flat sheet PU Foam.


Supply Bubble Bags Print


Standard Size: 5mm X 1m X 100m (In Rolls),


MyMaterial is supplying Bubble Bags (LDPE, Antistatic or Aluminium). Bubble Bags are available in Roll, Sheet, Special cut size or laminated to fulfill customer requirements. Standard colours available are clear and pink (Antistatic)


Bubble Bag Packaging is extremely lightweight, durable packaging material wrapping properly of your products without putting into carton boxes. Bubble bags can provides an ideal ways to protect and cushion items


Supply Adhesive Direct Coating Service Print



Standard Size:

Maximum Width: 1200mm (W) X Length (in roll)


We are providing Adhesive Direct Coating service on various materials including Polyurethane Foam (PU Foam) in roll / sheet, Polyethylene Foam (PE Foam), Felt Materials, EVA Foam and etc.


With Adhesive Direct Coating, Glue is coated directly on the surface of materials, with release paper. Once the release liner is removed, the sticky material is applicable.



  1. No Lamination with Double Sided Tape required, hence, no lamination material with Double Sided Tape process required.
  2. Stronger adhesiveness of material.


Supplying Expanded Polyethylene Foam (EPE Foam) Print

expanded-polyethylene-epe is supplying Expanded Polyethylene Foam (a.k.a EPE Foam) for various industries. It is widely used in packaging industry and heat insulation industry.

Light weight and high hardness are the prefect solution to pack heavy product for example Television set with lower packaging cost.


Supplying Natural Rubber (NR Rubber) / Chloroprene Rubber (CR Rubber) Print


MyMaterial is supplying Natural Rubber (a.k.a NR Rubber) and Chloroprene Rubber (CR Rubber) for the industry. They are rubberized spongy material and they are widely used for heat insulation, vibration insulations and some cushioning applications.

Weather resistance is one of the great advantage to allow material to be used outdoor.

Supplying Cross Linked PolyEthylene Foam (IXPE, XPE Foam) Print


MyMaterial is supplying Polyethylene Foam or polythene (PE foam) for various of industries. It is a thermoplastic commodity heavily used in consumer products. eg. plastic beg.

It's also widely used for air-conditioner darting, insulation, cushioning and sealant functions.

Supply Polypropylene Hollow Board (PP Corrugated) Print

polypropylene-hollow-board is supplying Polypropylene Hollow Board Corrugated PP Board for industry. It is widely used in printing back drop. High hardness and high impact create advantage of material used as back drop.